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Each week I host a podcast, discussing practical strategies that will inspire, educate, and empower real women through the rollercoaster journey of motherhood. You’ll gain insight on parenting topics such as discipline, self-care, potty training, picky eaters, balancing work and home life, and so much more…. based on my book Rise Up, Mamas!. It’s time to get rid of the mom guilt and embrace the greatest role you’ll ever play. No perfect moms allowed. Let’s rise together!


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What moms are saying…

“It may not be easy these days to find simple, uplifting, positive posts about family life and parenting from people who live it and battle everyday challenges in their own lives, and it is especially not easy to find them on social networks. It is therefore a joy to see positivity flourish in Rise Up, Mamas!”

Mom of 2, (11 and 18), Anita K.

“I LOVE the vibe in the Rise Up Mamas group. It really is a place for us ladies to lift each other up! And great info on a variety of topics I love.”

Mom of 5 - (ages 21 to 38), Dale L'Ecuyer

“I fully enjoy Rise Up, Mamas! The weekly posts reminding me to do simple, yet effective things (ie. Toss Out Tuesday, or Meatless Monday) is really helpful when my weeks get hectic. I appreciate the atmosphere there. It is helpful and nonjudgmental. Full of tips and tricks and serious conversation for all things us Mamas have to go through..”

Mom of 3 - (15 - 24), Deidre M.

Whether you’re preparing to launch your first book or your twentieth, you’ll find resources to help you in your publishing journey

inside this free Facebook group for women only!