A little about me

First and foremost, I’m a mom!

Why do I start with that? Because everything great I’ve ever done in my life was inspired by my journey and the things I’ve learned by being a mom. My kids make me want to be a better person, to set a good example for them. They’re the reason I get up and keep going every day. I’m also a Nonna of a precious little girl. Her smile lights up my day and she makes me want to make this world a better place for her. Of course, I’m not a one-woman band. My husband is my best friend, and there’s no one I’d rather do life with than him. He supports all my crazy endeavors and is my biggest fan. I’m truly blessed.

Second, I’m an educator to my core. I love to learn new things every day, and I love turning around and enhancing someone else’s life with that knowledge. I don’t believe knowledge is power, but I do believe applied knowledge can create power.

I’m also an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. I share parenting tips, insight on living a healthy life, and strategies to help women grow their businesses. Yoga, writing, and reading are great passions of mine. You can view my books here.

I’m a mom & a nonna

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What I Do

I’ve always had a heart for helping people, but more importantly… empowering them!

It all goes back to my childhood. Being in the middle of eight children, I rarely felt seen or heard, much less empowered. Even though I was a middle child, my older siblings weren’t around much during my teen years, so I took on the role of an older child of the family. A lot of responsibility rested on my shoulders during those years of trying to balance three jobs and graduating high school, all while helping take care of my younger siblings. I was forced to grow up fast and learn how to take charge of a situation, which is a good thing because it really helped me come out of my shell I’d been hiding in up until that moment.

It’s no surprise that I ended up in several managerial positions throughout my early adult years. I absorbed everything I could from every job I ever had, from waiting tables to running an entire office solo. From a very young age I became a people watcher, observing how people’s minds work. Each new job or career provided me with a new marketable skill I was able to use in the subsequent phase of my life.

For the majority of my adult life I operated a childcare program out of my home. It was a huge lesson in entrepreneurship. Every single aspect of my business was up to me, if I wanted to succeed. Even during my years of wiping noses and bottoms, I was fascinated with empowering others because I didn’t just babysit the kids who came into my care. I made the most of their time with me by teaching them all the life skills they needed to thrive in the world, not just survive.

Several years into my childcare career, I added a couple more streams of income to my household by publishing books and creating a promotional service for nearly 200 authors.

One thing that always remained true throughout all my careers is that I was lit up by empowering and educating others to live their best lives possible. Various network marketing ventures gave me opportunities to do just that.

In 2017 I closed my doors after fourteen years of caring for and educating little ones. After a year break, I discovered a network marketing opportunity that has met all of my needs and has allowed me to educate and empower others in ways that I never dreamed – in their health, their relationships, and their finances.

Over the past several years I’ve made it my mission to not only share this opportunity with those who are looking for solutions to issues like these, but I also now teach other female entrepreneurs how to expand their own businesses online, no matter what industry they’re in.

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Rise Up, Mama!

It took several life experiences, jobs, and careers for me to finally find my true calling and mission of helping women Rise Up and make themselves known, helping them find a way to be seen and heard, helping them impact and inspire others with their gifts.

So, if you know there is something unique and special inside of you just waiting to bless others in the world…. I can help you discover what that something is.

If you already know what your gift is but you don’t know how to go about sharing it with others and getting your message out to the world… I can help with that.

If you’re looking for solutions to make your life as a mom or grandma with little ones less stressful… I literally wrote a book for that! It’s called Rise Up, Mamas!

There are many ways I can empower you to take back your life – as a woman and an entrepreneur. But YOU have to be brave enough to reach out.

The world is waiting for the gifts only YOU can offer!

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What moms are saying…

“It may not be easy these days to find simple, uplifting, positive posts about family life and parenting from people who live it and battle everyday challenges in their own lives, and it is especially not easy to find them on social networks. It is therefore a joy to see positivity flourish in Rise Up, Mamas!”

Mom of 2, (11 and 18), Anita K.

“I LOVE the vibe in the Rise Up, Mamas group. It really is a place for us ladies to lift each other up! And great info on a variety of topics I love.”




Mom of 5 - (ages 21 to 38), Dale L'Ecuyer
“I fully enjoy Rise Up, Mamas! The weekly posts reminding me to do simple, yet effective things (ie. Toss Out Tuesday, or Meatless Monday) is really helpful when my weeks get hectic. I appreciate the atmosphere there. It is helpful and nonjudgmental. Full of tips and tricks and serious conversation for all things us Mamas have to go through..”

Mom of 3 - (15 - 24), Deidre M.