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Building Your Book

Whether you're getting ready to to publish your first book or your twentieth, the Build Your Book phase is a crucial step in producing a high-quality read. This phase involves elements such as: choosing a marketable theme, title, and subtitle (where applicable) as well as outlining, writing, and pre-editing your book to prepare it for professional editing and publishing.


Polishing Your Book

You've written your book and conducted the pre-edits. Congratulations! Now it's time to decorate it! The Polish Your Book phase involves some of the most costly and time-consuming elements in the publishing process. This is where you will obtain a professional edit, an eye-catching cover, and professional formatting to ensure your book will sell!!


Blasting Your Book

Your book has been written, edited, and formatted. You have a beautiful cover that will resonate with your target audience. Now you're ready to publish your book and send it out to the world. This phase entails all the publishing and marketing aspects, everything from choosing the right categories and keywords, to forming a Launch Team, to scheduling blog tours and podcast tours. This is the fun stage!

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