Have you ever had to stop writing (or editing) to ask yourself, “Is this the correct word?” or “Is this spelled correctly?”?

At this point, most authors will stop writing and search a few online dictionaries or thesauruses, only to realize an entire half hour has been wasted, because many of the online sources conflict.

Fret no more, authors. This guide is a one-stop source for nearly any grammar, spelling, or creative-writing issue you can stumble upon.

Author Traci Sanders devoted an entire year to topics just like these in her blog segment Write It Right, which can be found by visiting

This guide offers tips on everything from basic grammar to suggestions for creating smooth dialogue.

Here are a few examples:

*Tip #9 – Affect vs. Effect
*Tip #49 – Elicit vs. Illicit
*Tip #110 – Caring less – (Could you, or couldn’t you?)
*Tip #123 – Too many commas for “too”
*Tip #125 – Conjunctions don’t always need commas
*Tip #132 – Connecting the dots (using ellipses in writing)
*Tip #142 – Awkward numbers in fiction
*Tip #163 – Writing backstories
*Tip #179 – Creating flawed characters
*Tip #188 – Writing for readers (keep your readers glued to the pages)

All these and many more can be found in this one handy guide.

Each tip has been thoroughly researched for accuracy, according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

No need to waste time searching the Internet! Sanders has done the hard work for you.