The year is 2020 and our world as we know it is pretty much on lockdown. Deaths are in the hundreds of thousands. Words like “essential” and “social distancing” are being used to describe current work and family situations. Everyday items that we take for granted such as hand soap and toilet paper are in scarce supply. People are hoarding these things as if no more can be made. Schools and churches have transitioned to online participation. Social gatherings have gone virtual. And the government is issuing stimulus checks left and right.

All of this reads like a science fiction novel – the scarcity, the devastation, and the government control.

And yet, so many amazing things have come out of this experience. More than ever, families are spending quality time together. More than ever, businesses are reaching out to love on their customers and community. More than ever, people have the time and are making an effort to connect and reconnect with friends and family to have real conversations. More than ever, we are being equalized as humans throughout the world.

I’ve published this book to bring hope and insight to my fellow mamas all over the world, to encourage you to make this moment in time count. Based on my experience as a mom of three and a family child care provider for fourteen years. I’ve filled this book with practical tips and strategies to empower you as a parent during this time of crisis. I tackle the emotions you may be experiencing. I offer tips on entertaining and educating your little ones, as well as facilitating your school-aged children’s assignments. I offer simple yet effective tips for protecting your health, specifically for the virus we’re currently dealing with. And I finish the book off with a few suggestions on how to save and make money during an economic hardship as well as touching on a few other topics.

I pray that this guide will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it, whether you’re a parent or simply a concerned citizen who’s been affected by these circumstances. We’re all in this together, and if we support one another and keep hope alive, we will come out stronger on the other side.